Student Blogging Challenge~

https://gavyn6pm.edublogs.org First blog was very creative! I commented on the Stuck on an Island post, it was very interesting.

http://caitlinpfefferkorn.edublogs.org Second blog was also good! I loved the header and commented on the About Me post because she was a lot like me.

http://chloemch.global2.vic.edu.au Third was Chloe’s Blog! Loved this blog so much! I commented on the Colour Day post. I found it extremely interesting and how it was such a good idea! I’d like you to check that out and see what you think.

For the student blogging challenge we had to choose 3 random blogs to comment on! I chose these 3 and loved them!


Seasons Changing

image image imageI woke up, and looked out the window. Red, orange, and deep blackberry purple leaves. The trees were dead, and it was turning seasons. Cold and frosty, once warm and bright. I walked peacefully down the street, hands behind my back and just enjoying the landscape of swaying bright trees. Some dead, some colourful. Blossoms lined the street. Leaves were covering the path but I didn’t mind. It was very early so I didn’t bother watching for people behind or in front of me. As leaves swiftly but gently fell down from the wooden, vibrant trees, I watched them. The clouds were deep grey, almost black. No one knew it would come this early, as it normally comes much later. This was unexpected for this small town, where everyone knew everyone. About 20 people lived here. And we liked it that way. A soft wind brushed against my face and blew my hair back. You could almost see the leaves changing to vibrant neon yellows, oranges and deep red. Some trees were still green, and I wondered. Will they ever change?


Student Blogging Challenge


This is for the student blogging challenge. I made an international day called Endangered Animals day! This day will help and celebrate all of the endangered animals on the verge of extinction. It would most likely be some kind of fundraiser, so we could make more habitats and more nurserys for baby animals. For animals like rhinos where there’s only around 4 left in the world, they need help. The people who care for them can’t just magically get money to buy the animals what they need! I believe this would be a very good day for everyone to enjoy.


Story Time!!

Tv shows and their History
1. In 2005 a religious group somewhere in Russia wanted to take spongebob down from air. Their argument being that spongebob was to cheerful and happy all the time, and they didn’t like that.. and in China they banned it not because of that, but because it was a foreign show in a different TV slot.
2. A Pokemon episode had a new computerised Pokemon starring in 1997 in Japan. In that episode there was flashing lights, and viewers complained of blurred vision, nausea, dizziness and some even loosing consciousness. Over 600 people were taken to hospital, with 2 remaining for weeks on end. The episode was banned. And in one episode of the Simpsons while they were in Japan, at the end they’re sitting in a hotel room and the tv is on. While its on Bart changes it to the Pokemon TV show. That flashing lights Pokemon comes on, and all four of the Simpsons roll around on the ground with hypnotic looking eyes. The Simpsons always make an episode on what’s going on in real life, ever noticed?
3. Speedy Gonzales! Something in looney tunes that is innocent, and you wouldn’t of expected. In 1999 it was cancelled by cartoon network. They went on record and said speedy and his friends was a poor role model for kids, and were really lazy, but a whole group of people probably ranging from 50-300 had a parade to send it back on air. 3 years later, its back.
4. In Venezuela The Simpsons, one of the most successful cartoons got banned. The reason being the government found it too inappropriate for children. Meanwhile in the UK they refused to air a season 1 episode called “The cartridge family” featuring guns, while like Venezuela, Russia banned the show in 2008 because of a number of reasons, its inappropriate, provokes fear, mayhem, promotes violence, and other reasons, says Russia.
5. The Simpsons, again. In the episode where Moe’s bar burns down, and he makes a restaurant, theres mainly nothing wrong with that you’d think, hey? Well a kid decided to burn down a REAL bar. This also happened in another TV show. Who would of thought?


About Me!

Hi! My name is Hayley and I am 11 years old, with my favourite colour being blue. I also have a pet cat called Missy. Now you know the basics, we’ll move on! My favourite thing to do would be going for rides with friends, and listening to music. But I can’t tell you my favourite song as I probably have over 30 of them.. So my favourite animal? Well that’s easy, a tiger! I just love writing and drawing, as colouring in isn’t really my thing. But I love making things, crafting, painting, really anything to do with those things. Favourite subjects in school of mine would be art and writing of course. Anyway, there’s a bit about me!


Welcome To Hayley’s Blog!

Welcome to my Blog! Somehow you stumbled upon this blog of awesomeness. This year in Grade 6 we have so many exciting things to do! I’m very excited to find out more about our blogs because there are so many things to do! I hope you enjoy! 🙂