City on Fire

imageMy cat brushed against the wooden sides of my bed. Meowing repeatedly, as if to tell me something. Something I didn’t know. I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock, with red lines for numbers, I wondered why they wrote them like that. 7:00.. I still have time to sleep, right? I normally get up at 7:15, but I think I could sleep to 7:30 since I’m as tired as someone who just ran a marathon of 10,000 miles. I closed my eyes, lifting my cat up to my side. Stroking her back softly. She was so loving, caring, and she knew when you were hurt. Its like she was my best friend. People say dogs are, but I think differently.


Loud sounds flooded through the thick smokey air. I jolted up and chocked. ‘What’s going on?’ I was only 11 so I still lived with my mum. I looked over at my alarm clock and it was 12:00. ‘How could I have slept in so long?’ I yelled, questioning myself. My mother ran in and scooped me up like a feather. My mum was a nurse. Caring, helpful, and she knew what I needed. ‘Mum?’ As my eyes focused on her face I realised it wasn’t actually my mother. ‘W-who are you?’ My mother had flowing blonde hair, with big green eyes and almost perfect teeth. This woman had a light brown hair that was short at her neck, and from my angle I couldn’t quite see her eyes. The woman rushed outside and into an abandoned car, that surprisingly, still worked. It was dusty and used, but it had to do. Looking around, I saw wrecked buildings, tore down fences, bright orange flames and people rushing down streets. I’ll never forget the one kid I seen who was crying in the middle of the street just letting people stand all over him to get past.

The woman never spoke. It made me nervous. She wouldn’t even look at me. Not a glimpse. Nothing. We were now travelling, in the old abandoned car. Going down rocky, red sandy roads. I stared out the window.Where were we going?




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