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This is for the student blogging challenge. I made an international day called Endangered Animals day! This day will help and celebrate all of the endangered animals on the verge of extinction. It would most likely be some kind of fundraiser, so we could make more habitats and more nurserys for baby animals. For animals like rhinos where there’s only around 4 left in the world, they need help. The people who care for them can’t just magically get money to buy the animals what they need! I believe this would be a very good day for everyone to enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge

  1. Dear Haley,
    My name is Jennifer. I am doing the blogging challenge and we have the same mentor 🙂
    I really liked your post. But here’s the thing. It’s not made up. Me and my friends had a raffle for The World Wildlife Fund. We raised $470.21 and we sent it to WWF for the rhinos! Isn’t that great? You should do something at your school to help animals! What would you wanna do?????
    I hope I hear back from you!
    Jennifer ♥

    • Really? I had a feeling it would be a real thing already! I would love love love to do a fundraiser for endangered tigers! It’s great to hear you raised so much money!

  2. Hi Hayley-

    What a beautiful blog you’ve created here, young lady! I created a Google slide presentation on endangered tigers as the sample I used for my students. We worked on social issues about a month ago. It’s hard to believe that there are only about 3000 tigers left in the wild. I read on a National Geographic post that there are about the same number–3000 tigers–held in captivity in Texas. I can’t believe these powerful, stunning creatures are being killed for their parts. So very sad! Thanks for talking about a critical issue we all need to be doing something to change!

    Mrs. Rombach, your SBC mentor from VA

    • Thank you! It does sadden me to know that there aren’t many left and if we keep going this way there will be none left. And tigers are my favourite animal! If I could do 2 things it would be to have my own pet tigers, and to be an author. I would have 200 tigers! Haha, if it was possible. It’s awesome to hear more people I know have heard/care about tigers. 😀

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